Following the success of the “4 in 1 Kit”, specifically designed for abrasive cut sheets, we extended this concept through the project MULTIPURPOSE DISC KIT. This a new generation tool conceived for flat and contoured surface hand sanding using Ø150mm abrasive discs.kit tamponi
Abrasive discs represent more than 90% of the total market sales and they are used for machine sanding.
Instead for abrasive cut sheets, is necessary to introduce a whole grit range and new sizes and therefore an important increase of managing costs.
As a consequence, all of the end users own abrasive discs for machine sanding but at the same time they keep their need for a solution for flat and contoured surface hand sanding
The MULTIPURPOSE DISC KIT represents the right solution in combining these two aspects.
The Kit is made by a basic pad with rubber ergonomic handle, a R=115 convex adaptor, a R=63 concave adaptor and a flat adaptor.
Abrex System has always been very careful about quality standards, design and especially tests and dust extraction system.
All of the adaptors are designed with a multi-perforated system for dust extraction and with velcro fixing.
This enables the use of the kit in many fields of application: NET DISCS, MULTIPERFORATED DISCS, STANDARD PERFORATION DISCS AND FOAM BACKED DISCS.
Adaptor replacement is quick, intuitive, safe and long lasting.
Dust extraction is controlled through a setting valve included in the kit.


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