What is an adjustable hand block?

It’s a multifunction tool for sanding concave, convex and flat surfaces thanks to a millimeter mechanical adjustment. Arranged for the dust suction is composed of a plastic part and a surface area of adhesion to the abrasive paper called Velcro® (or PSA system on request).

Thanks to the big experience accumulated over the years the Abrex-System presents an adjustable file board 70x400 mm with or without dust extraction. In fact, thanks to the mechanical adjustment the operator can easily adapt the tool to the surface to be sanded. And therefore it is particularly suitable for concave , convex and flat surfaces. The easy removal of the adjustment mechanism allows to adapt the shape of the tool to the surface and having the tool free from restrictions in the hands.
The same type of tool is also produced in the rigid version without any adjustment.
This hand block maintains the characteristics of the Abrex-System line with particular attention to design and handling, not to mention the innovative features such as high dust removal and the low height of the tool.
As a whole line of hand blocks are available several accessories such as 4 or 6 mt flexible hose with conical attachment, air control valve, and various rubber adapters required to connect the tool to the dust extraction system.
Company logos and brilliant colors result in a unique and exclusive product for bodyshops, wood and boat sector

Materials and Customisation:

> For these products high-quality, plastic materials are used with colours which can be customised according to the customer’s preferences depending on quantities.
> It’s also possible to print company logos onto the plastic and even produce personalised boxes.
> Abrex-System’s technical department is willing to discuss the possibilities of creating special hole configurations.

Attachment systems of the Abrasive:

> Velcro® system (standard production)
> Self-stick system (on request)


> The flexible 4 and 6 m tube, the air-flow valve and the connector Ø 29 mm for Ø 29 mm tubes complete the range.


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