What is a pad for random orbital sander?
It is a backing tool for abrasives to be mounted on pneumatic or electric sanders and it is usually made up by three sections: a plastic one, a rubber one and a specific surface for abrasive disc fixing by Velcro® or self-adhesive system.

FUSION Plus backing pad
The continuous studies and improvements, the release of new sanders on the market have led us to modify and improve the Fusion Pad conceiving the Fusion Plus.

During the 2014, thanks to the Fusion Pad we reached very high results in terms of vibrations and dust free removal. In order to improve further, we wanted to keep the peculiarities working on any possible improvements. The 42 holes in the central part of the pad are important features to take fixed, producing in tapered shape and exploiting in this area the Venturi effect with a consequent increase in suction speed.
The idea of developing the Fusion Plus is born from the necessity to improve the dust removal on the 55 holes placed on the edge side of the pad surface.
Then we produced the cover plate with a cavity ring closed with a fiberglass plate with chemicals and mechanical fixing.
Thanks to this system we achieved a well balanced suction on all the abrasive disc area, cooling and removing a bigger quantity of dust.
The improvement of the dust free removal coincides with a clean surface in a better work place increasing the time life of the abrasive disc.
This pad achieves great performance with net discs, multiholes discs, but it could be used also with traditional discs with 15,9 and 7 holes.
It has been made an update, making the pad suitable with many electric and pneumatic sanders on the market.



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